Welcome to UK Elevated Photography:

Specialising in high resolution digital elevated photography suited to customer requirements throughout UK and Europe.

We offer high quality, cost effective and low footprint digital elevated aerial imagery using our mast system which is adjustable to various heights. Designed to feel as though you are actually standing there yourself. These services are for the private, commercial and public sector.
The services we offer can be applied to and for:
Home owners
Indoor and outdoor events
Landscape photography
Estate agent solutions
Construction companies
Property developers
Insurance companies
Roofing companies
Archaeological site survey
Indoor arena photography
PR shots
Hotel chains
Tourism boards
News agencies
Theme parks
Large gatherings
School and university promotional shots
Local authorities
Government and security
Newspaper reporting
Accident investigations
Health and safety issues
What's involved from start to finish?


We aim to have all commissions completed within a few hours and most are done within an hour. Events are an exception but we can cover that later.


The process is very simple ... as follows:


-  Agree on a suitable date and time

We'll work with you to arrange the best date and time for your shoot.  This depends on many factors, weather and time of day to name but a few, but we'll make sure things are just right.

-  Arrival on site

We'll arrive on site and assess the location.  For troublesome locations, it may involve a pre assessment, although these are rare.  We'll look around the site for the best setup spot for the equipment and once we have the best location capturing the best aspects, we'll begin to setup.


-  Taking the photographs

It takes around 30 minutes to setup the mast (depending on height) along with all leads, remote and laptop.

Once the equipment is set up, we take some time preparing the camera for the conditions, this only takes a moment, then we're ready to go!


Client satisfaction and photographic excellence are our priorities and something we pride ourselves in.



 We work all over the UK and even cover parts of Europe, however most of our property photography is in London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties of Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Suffolk, Surrey and Kent.