Builders and Developers


Every step of the process is important within construction and development of property so it is vital that you get professional, detailed recordings at each significant stage. Ukelevatedphotography can provide this service for you to ensure you document this process professionally and productively. The benefit of using mast photography throughout stages of construction is that the images are taken that capture the full scale of the construction development and allow identification of land boundaries. It can also help large organisations monitor how a development is progressing on a regular basis and can also be used as a marketing tool to show future clients your effective construction work which could contribute to securing future contracts.


When you are a property developer or a home owner it is important to keep your assets in the best condition you can to ensure you don’t encounter high maintenance costs further down the line. Buildings can often encounter issues with roofs, chimneys and exterior structures such as a slipped or missing tiles, damaged flashings or loose guttering and the only way to assess the severity of the problem is to inspect the roof on a regular basis. This can be done through scaffolding or a cherry picker but is often a difficult, risky and expensive process. The answer to your problems is to use mast photography as it is a safe and efficient way of assessing the damage from an elevated viewpoint. Ukelevatedphotography can guarantee professional images at a cost effective price that will give a clear indication of problem areas using its elevated mast system. Advantages of using this technique are a variety of camera angles and highlighting the problematic areas.

As well as roof surveys, we can also provide photographic reports of work in progress and supply time lapse total site shots from start to completion of the build.